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Matthew Gorelik is the Founder and CEO of Township Capital, a real estate financial institute that aids in real estate capital. Gorelik has handled an incredible amount of joint venture real estate opportunities over the course of his 20+ year career. After gaining much of his experience through managing other financial projects with notable financial titans, Gorelik moved to real estate funding and began carving out a path for this new type of capital investment to blossom. It is thanks to all of these experiences and an entrepreneurial spirit that Matthew Gorelik has been able to succeed.

Township Capital was founded to support to sponsors who are entering a new financial venture. Matthew Gorelik and his team typically work with firms of a wide variety, but those that are well-established with experienced management teams in place. These opportunities can range from startups with opportunistic returns and great buzz, or firms that already have established capital sources and just need extra help negotiating outside of their familiar investment terms.

Currently, the Township Capital team is highly focused on a new strategy.

This includes targeting new property developments, primarily commercial property, and adaptive-reuse real estate opportunities. Township Capital has grown to manage opportunities in many parts of the country, including not only Los Angeles, California, but Bingham Farms, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois as well.

Before Matthew Gorelik founded Township Capital, he spent time perfecting his negotiation and partnership skills with Citi, one of the most recognizable banking entities in the world. He served just over 15 years as the Senior Vice President. During his time in this position, Gorelik was able to sink into the ins and outs of financial investments, planning, and advising. He expertly maintained hundreds of close business relationships with wealthy partners.

After leaving Citi, Gorelik stayed within the financial industry and moved on to work for famed banking institutions Jefferies and J.P. Morgan, where he served as Managing Director in both businesses, respectively.

Aside from Matthew Gorelik’s ability to cultivate relationships for these financial entities, Gorelik maintained many personally wealthy contacts. In the past, Gorelik has worked with some of the world’s wealthiest families, most trusted and sought after real estate owners, and several conduit lenders as well. These relationships have been crucial to Gorelik’s continued success, as they drove him to find new solutions through Township Capital and more. One such solution was tied into Township Capital’s main goal, which was to begin building a Real Estate Investment Bank – America’s first – to bring a dated industry swiftly into the new, digital age.

Matthew Gorelik currently resides in Beverly Hills, California with his wife and three children. He and his wife Krista are extremely invested in showing their children the power of community. They currently volunteer to serve as ambassadors for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles in addition to serving on the board of the Greater Los Angeles Epilepsy Foundation. Outside of offering his time to others, Matthew Gorelik enjoys a nice round of golf and being able to vacation around the world as an avid traveler with his family.


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