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Networking events are an important way for investors to find like-minded people who can help them achieve their goals. Unfortunately, many real estate investors do not get the most out of networking events because they make some common mistakes. Knowing what to avoid will help investors have successful networking events.

Only Going to Networking Events Occasionally

Keep in mind that it is necessary to go to more than one networking event. Regularly attending events is how people get to know each other and build trust with each other. Taking the time to attend as many events as possible is essential to launching partnerships.

Ignoring Strangers at Events

Of course, it is tempting to just stick with friends at a networking event, but this goes against the whole purpose of networking. It might be intimidating, but remember that everyone else is probably a little nervous too. Going out of one’s way to introduce oneself to strangers can have very promising results.

Not Listening to Others

Of course, it is important for a person to talk themselves up during a networking event, but always focusing the conversation on themselves can make a person look selfish. Instead, try to ask people about who they are, what they do, and what they like. Remember to truly listen to people instead of just being quiet while they talk. This helps build stronger relationships that may be useful one day.

Skipping the Follow Up Stage

Even the most exciting conversation at a networking event will not actually result in any investment opportunities unless a person follows up. Not following up after a person says they will is particularly problematic because it makes it seem like the person is unreliable or flaky. Follow up can be as simple as sending an email to thank someone for their time or say it was nice to meet them.

Attending Events Without Offering to Organize

Those who only bother with the attending part of a networking event are missing out. Volunteering to help organize future events is a good way to get really involved in the local investment community. Being part of the organizing committee is a good way for people to draw attention to themselves and make it look like they are a pillar in the community.